To encourage excellent presentations of young researchers there will be awards for the best poster and best presentation of JURE-members. In addition and for the first time in SIG 11 history, we invite and encourage young researchers to apply to hold a JURE keynote.

JURE Awards and Keynote Challenge

A JURE member of the SIG 11 will be awarded “Best Paper” and “Best Poster Presentation” during the conference. Furthermore, in order to gather experience as a scholar, a JURE member will get the opportunity to hold one of the three keynotes during the Zurich conference. The JURE keynote speaker will be selected as follows:
JURE Keynote Challenge
We strongly encourage JURE members of the SIG 11 to send in their proposals as keynote speakers. The keynote should be about 45 minutes long (plus 15 minutes for discussion) and focus on the conference theme “Diversity and Inclusion as a Challenge for Teacher Education” and present an innovative study (doctoral thesis or other) in which they participate as researchers. The winner will be invited to present his or her keynote during the conference. Proposals for the JURE keynote, which are not selected but meet the review criteria, will be accepted in a shortened version as paper presentations.

The proposal should consist of:

  • Title and abstract of the keynote (500 words, incl. ref.)
  • 3 keywords
  • A working paper: 1500 words (incl. ref.)
  • A short CV including academic track record
  • A recommendation letter by an expert in the field of teacher education, who is familiar with the candidate, and a member of the EARLI, but not necessarily of
    SIG 11


For further information see CfP (PDF, 266 KB).